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Racing Teams :  Branding & Lore

WD's original lore

Over the years, we have created a real branding around original racing teams. All these racing teams are brought together under the FIGT banner - Fédération Internationnale de Grand Tourisme. This page allows you to dive into the heart of this universe. Take your time, have a look at the history of these fictionnal teams through an illustrated description.

BlackS 720S.png
Bloody NSX.png
BlueSp 911.png
CBF Porsche.png
Enthic AMG.png
Farina Huracan.png
Graph M4.png
HVR Conti.png
Hornet R8.png
IC Racing AMR.png
Kawa GTR.png
Krystaal AMG Evo_edited.png
L-Square R8 evo II.png
LM AMR V8.png
Manolete 911.png
Manta 720S GT3.png
McEnt R8 evo II.png
MRald 911.png
Mythos Huracan.png
Mythril M4.png
OBK 911.png
PM 720S.png
Ricken AMR V8.png
RDR Audi R8 Evo.png
RTSH Conti.png
SGT GTR Evo.png
Skylight 911.png
Valune F488.png
Viner NSX.png
Vortex Huracan.png
West R 720S.png
WRT Audi R8 Evo.png
Xspirit 992 Cup.png
ZH 911 GT3R.png
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