ZuffenHausen is the northern suburb of Stuttgart, home of the manufacturer Porsche. As a factory team, ZH has been associated with Porsche since its inception and yet has occasionally worked in Northern America as a fine tuner for Ford's competition department. Its visual identity is based on a combination of black and silver gray with bright red accents. Close to the city of Stuttgart, the team still sports the city's heraldic emblem - black horse on a golden field.

Design this livery was relatively delicate because I wanted an aggressive style while respecting the nevertheless sober character of the team. The silver gray tone is slightly matte in terms of finish, as is the black base whose type of reflection is modeled on the rendering of the raw carbon. The red facings are made by a combination of glossy paint and metallic paint, in order to give a variating effect depending on the exposure.

ZH 911 GT3R.png