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Crimson Motorsports is identified by its dominant purple metallic color, usually combined with white when sponsorship contracts allow. Thanks to a close and solid relationship with Swiss watchmaker Rebellion, the team is in good financial health and has a reputation for offering a studious and dynamic working atmosphere. In essence, it is not associated with any particular manufacturer, and favors pure performance wherever possible.  

Crimson McLaren.png

Crimson Sport is a Swiss engine tuning company founded in 2004 by Alexander Steiner. Initially focused on high-end tuning and later on hill-climb and rally racing, Crimson Sport became Crimson Motorsports with the advent of the GT3 category in the late 2000s. Indeed, the team took the title in its first FIGT Endurance World Championship appearance in 2009, entering a Mosler MT200 - which would later be banned. And so, on the strength of a disputed title, Crimson was one of the pioneering GT3 teams when GT3 was introduced, replacing the old GT2 and GT1 classes, and even the GTE class in 2024.

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