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North American Kyleson Sport Racing is a fictionnal racing team. As a modern team, it is not attached to any particular visual. His relentless quest for a title sponsor goes through the concession of colors. Thus, KSR sported a blue and orange dress in its early days, then switched to a solid white livery during its first collaboration with Ford, then returned to blue with McLaren and Aston Martin in 2015-2016. In 2021, KSR is linked to Pepsico through an advantageous contract. When the decision was made to promote the Mountain Dew product in particular, KSR adopted a full scheme including the greens, white and red as a fully dedicated branding, on a black satin solid paint with a filigree black shiny pattern based on the KSR logo.

Technically speaking, this livery was relatively hard to put in cohesion: if a large part of the work consisted in designing the KSR logo and finding a way to arrange it in filigree, the rendering of the different greens required several refinements of colors, so that each element stands out. Using red for the accent required several touch-ups so as not to shock the eye.

KSR Mustang.png
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