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Get your own original design

Designs of the Moment

It is a monthly renewed selection of liveries. Among them, one or two skins are shared for free through communities such as RaceDepartment, the others are available on request for contributors who wish to support Whalenap Designs. Don't hesitate any longer, join us and immediately get the skins of the moment !

Custom Designs

If you want to stand out at a lower cost during your online sessions, opt for this offer. Choose a design from our gallery and ask yourself what you would like to change to make it perfect for you. Changes of title sponsor, flag, colors, or even the names of the drivers are quite possible.

Converted designs

Mythos blue catches your eye, but would you like that same design on another car? Opt for the livery conversion for a fixed cost of 69 euros, without assignment of rights. And if you want to customize this converted skin, it will cost you a total of 99 euros.

Unique Designs

If you are looking for a unique livery, a design that you will not find in anyone else, this offer is for you. In this case, you will have to explain to us by email, what your expectations are. You choose how many prototypes you want, we will adjust our quote according to this number. The total cost will be between 399 euros for a prototype and 799 euros for a maximum of 5 prototypes. This offer includes the transfer of exclusive rights, which means that you will be the sole owner of your skin, plus several option like sub versions, of your skin, livery sheet and wallpapers editing, logo design/redesign...

Project Development

This offer is intended for competitors. It consists of starting from a blank page and producing a livery that represents you, as well as your partners and sponsors. This product includes a privileged communication channel, for maximum reactivity; it covers a full week of work. The number of prototypes offered is not fixed, and the offer includes the transfer of exclusive rights. Note that Whalenap Designs is committed to remaining available if a change of sponsor / partner requires updating your visual. The fixed cost linked to this product is 1199 euros.

Our price list is indicative and the costs depend on several factors. Your request may not clearly fall within the scope of the offers described above. In any case, do not hesitate to mail us and ask for a free estimate.

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