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Skylight Motorsports is a fictitional North American team whose identity colors are green and blue, conventionally present in a proportion close to 50/50. Here, two shades of blue are used and combined with white to bring out the luminous dimension of the team's original concept.
During the livery design process, made laborious by a specification imposing to marry two colors difficult to combine harmoniously, I chose to associate different types of finish: thus, we have a very metallic paint, at the limit chrome, for green and navy blue, while sky blue and white have a very classic lacquer finish. 

Skylight 911.png

The layout of the stickers highlights the sponsor Sprite whose original colors are green and blue, but also the team logo, also a work of Whalenap Designs - like all the team logos in our collection.The main difficulty was to keep a general readability in the middle of an association of colors finally quite numerous, while creating an unwelcome "patchwork" effect here.

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