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Unique Designs

Your colors, your sponsors, your livery

There are several steps to designing your unique design: In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


1. Contact

A first contact by email, to take stock of your expectations. You explain to us as precisely as possible what your wishes are: this can range from identical reproduction of a real livery, to a total creation starting from a blank page with presentation of an almost final version - which we call prototypes.

2. Free quote

We estimate the time required and we present you with a free estimate within 24 hours maximum. Knowing that on average, it takes seven hours of work to make a prototype, the costs relating to the design of your livery will be drastically increased if you opt for several prototypes. On the other hand, during the creative process, we can make between two and five prototypes in order to target together precisely the one that really looks like what you envision since the very beginning. 

3. Deposit and design

Before starting the design of your livery, we ask for a deposit of 50% of the total cost. Once the payment is made, the work begins at a rate of three working days maximum per prototype. The prototypes are submitted to you by email, in the form of photos covering all the main angles. You choose the one you prefer and we finalize it within 48 hours. 

4. Considering your feedback

To be able to create a visual identity that brings your vision to life, we need to get your feedback about the prototypes we designed for you. Does the C prototype have the right shapes, but the B one the right shades ? And the A one - oh my godness - would make your opponents fell like they are being chased by a shark with this one in their mirror. Our job is ot get your feedback and apply the requested changes accordingly to it.  

5. Final payment and delivery

Once the second part of the payment is made via paypal or regular transfer using our bank statement, you get your skin by email, ready to use - plus any additional products ordered, such as one or more presentation boards, a portfolio, desktop wallpaper, etc.
Of course, all those products may take time but the quotes we provide always have precise deadlines included. 
The source file will also be sent to you via wetransfer, making you the sole owner of your skin. 



Below is a mini-gallery featuring unique skins made for clients.

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