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WRT 23.png

WRT or Walker Racing Team is the team founded by the former driver of the same name who made the heyday of the Mythos Competition and O’Baker Motorsports teams. WRT chose to use both Mythos and OBK colors when designing its visual identity: this results in two liveries in one. If the right side uses both the blue dress but also the monogram " 555 ”fluorescent yellow visible in very large on the Mythos between 1999 and 2004, the right side takes on the O'Baker colors, a geometric assembly of red and white with silver facings. Here, the double livery is laid on an Audi R8 cut in half lengthwise, not symmetrical in terms of graphic design, but also asymmetrical in terms of the layout of the logos of most of the sponsors. A matte black paint base is used as a border.

The design and realization of this skin was extremely long and difficult, because beyond having to design two liveries, it was necessary that the combination of the two half-designs be also coherent and balanced. In order for the result to match the initial requirements, the two sides of the car had to be different enough.

WRT Huracan evo2.png
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