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Esport competitors, your all-in-one service

A to Z project development

Because the foundation of an esport team implies a titanic work on several fronts in parallel, Whalenap Designs offers a package for esport competitors. This package includes all the services covering the visual needs of an esport team, whether for the race or for your community management. 

- Design of your unique livery, in direct communication with you and therefore with your feedback + additional prototypes
- Integration of your sponsors and partners, communicating with them if necessary 
- Conversion of your livery for your different cars 
- Creation of HD presentation boards
- Editing of HD photos, ingame and showroom

- Editing of specific visual materials for social media

- Editing of requested elements for Simhub

- Design/redesign of your logo
- Transfer of the exploitation rights of your livery and, if necessary, of your logo

This pack is subject to a fixed price of 1399 euros.

Feel free to use the section below to contact us if you want to learn more about the terms & conditions


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