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L2 SQ.png

L2 (pronounced L Square) Racing Team was founded by Larry Myles and Lawrence "T-Bone" Bobet in 2009. Team's name comes from the combination of the two L, first letter of the first name of both founders. The original dynamic was, like many young stables, to detect young talent. To do this, L-Square RT opted for the GT Am category, which was very new at the time. 

L-Square R8 evo II.png

Clearly oriented towards endurance racing and strategic advantage, the team recruited François Billot, then a pro driver, to supervise and train the young talents then in full bloom. Some of today's top drivers made their first moves at L2, such as Gabriele Fersini - after his debut at Graphite Autosport and before his rise to the top role at Piratella Motori in 2012. 

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