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X Spirit SQ.png

The X-Spirit team appeared in 2011 as one of the two school teams launched by R.T. Smoke House in order to detect and train the new generation of drivers, to fill its bosom for the future. Close to the parent company in its sporting and technical philosophy, XSR does not have the same financial weight and its entries are limited to promotional formulas such as TCR, GT4 or Porsche Cup. 

Xspirit 992 Cup.png

With a good proportion of yellow, evoking the parent team RTSH, the XSR team livery is distinguished by a very graphic style that is modern and young. The silver base evokes a raw edge, while black glossy facings combined with metallic patterns bridge the gap between yellow and silver. The team logo fills the remaining space for a main sponsor on the hood, doors and rear spoiler. The sponsorship pool is mostly made up of technical partners, with the bulk of the team's budget relying on massive funding from the Smoke House.

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