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This team is one of the oldest in the FIGT lore. Initially, it was just German cars in silver gray dress. Over time, the Krystaal gained black facings in a proportion of about 75/25, as well as a third color appearing in small touches - usually yellow or red, as on the Audi R8s entered in the 24h du mans at the beginning of the years. 2000. Krystaal was renamed the Arrow Head Project for a while, under the leadership of Friedrich Krahn, then driver and leader, but also the main shareholder of the team. 

When Friedrich Krahn moved to Crimson in 2010-2011, then to IC Racing and KSR, Arrow Head Project resumed its original name tried to slowly rise to its best level with new drivers. 2018 marked the arrival of Petronas as title sponsor. 

Krystaal 992R.png
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