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Valune Racing is a Japanese team imagined by the gamer Spleen, and whose colors are yellow, black and white. These three colors are still present on VR liveries since the origin, in the mid-90s, but the proportion could vary significantly from one livery to another: thus, there were predominantly yellow Valune cars, or 'others predominantly white - never predominantly black, on the other hand. On this livery, the team's logo includes an emphasis on the kanji version, in other words in Japanese ideograms.

As a converted skin, this livery has the particularity of having black parts which are in reality raw carbon, which implies that the player can opt for any paint / color / texture instead of carbon, adapting to his desires by preferring a yellow / white / pink combination, for example. By choosing to replace carbon with a color, the player will also have the possibility of customizing the color of the rims - interior and exterior border flush with the tire.

Valune F488.png
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