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IC 23.png

Island Corsica Racing is a French-Italian team whose original concept dates back to the early 2000s. Unlike the majority of FIGT teams, IC is not attached to a particular visual style. This flexibility allows the team to remain open to sponsors. For example, in 2020, the Ferrari F488 GT3 evo is dressed in the four colors of the main sponsor United Colors of Benetton, with a red base for the historical color of Italy in motorsport, an asymmetrical arrangement of the other three colors separated by a chrome border in a deliberately unstructured cut. In 2021, the team will enter two cars: a Porsche 911 II GT3R in Benetton colors with, once again, an asymmetrical livery - but much more structured than the previous season, as well as a Ferrari on which Acer Predator replaces UOB as major sponsor. 

IC Predator 296 GT3.png

For the 20th anniversary of the team, in 2021, IC Racing opted for a red dress with a glossy finish, metallic facings and angular black patterns that cut through the curved lines of the bodywork. This season, IC is entering an Aston Martin V8 Vantage sporting the colors of its new major sponsor Total Energies. Their logo is in the form of a gradient that runs the length of the body combined with a white solid base. MSi replaces Acer as the second major partner and gets a prominent place on the car. The gallery below offers you to discover the different liveries worn by IC Racing during the last years. 

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