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Mcentire 22 SQ.png

McEntire Motors is a North American team that sports a livery whose base is very simple and inspired by the national colors of the United States in motorsport. Indeed, before the advent of sponsored liveries in the late 1960s, all racing cars followed a precise color code in international competitions. All the Italian cars were red, the English ones green, the German ones white (and not gray as popular belief suggests) while the American cars have two large white stripes on a red background. Note that the United States is one of the rare countries to have had several national colors throughout history: white with navy blue stripes, or on the contrary navy blue with white stripes, or as here red with white stripes.

McEntire opts for the latter scheme, with a slightly pinkish and very metallic red, enjoying a nice contrast effect in light: the car looks almost pink in direct sunlight, while when the light goes down it turns dark burgundy, practically black. The bands, shiny, appear white whatever the brightness. Founded in 2010, Mcentire Motors is the best of recent teams. Regularly competing with RTSH, it is placed as one of the top teams of the FIGT.

McEnt 992 GT3.png
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