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Manolete Corsa is a Spanish stable founded in the late 90s. Ambitious since its creation to compete in the highest levels of competition, it climbed the ladder quite quickly. Initially linked to BMW and then to Porsche, this team is distinguished by its desire to become a factory team. Enjoying a good aura with the sponsors, its experienced leader Juan Cordobes as well as young Pablo Torres, it aligns a solid roster of drivers coupled with an anticipatory philosophy that guarantees him the premium on a pool of young drivers including the very young Thomas Werner, seen for the first time in FIGT ELMS in 2010 at the wheel of a BMW V12 LMR then rehabilitated for the LMP2 class.

The visual of the team is based on the colors of Spain, yellow and red with a predominance of one or the other color according to the seasons and the constraints related to sponsorship. Recently, the cars of Manolete Corsa appeared in white dress several times to mark the partnership with Porsche, the firm of Stuttgart having in heart to recall here or there that the white remains the historical color of Germany in car racing. 

Manolete 911.png
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