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Manta Racing takes up the idea of ​​the livery used by Pescarolo Sport on the Peugeot 908 which they entered during the 24 hours of Le Mans in 2009. This visual was very avant-garde with the use of chrome. Here the chrome is used in several places, in particular on the roof and on the symbols round, square, triangle and cross on the bonnet. The livery calls for several complex techniques, such as an airbrush work on the blue / black junctions and the general cyan blue color is clearly metallic for a lagoon side. Finally, the use of "glossy" white and apple green facings in the same texture creates contrast in changing light, ideal for long, short endurance conditions.

The colors of the Manta logo, graded from sky blue to green, are still used in one form or another to a large extent in the team's liveries. In 2018, an alternative prototype of the usual livery was released, using the shiny green of sponsor Xbox.

Manta 720S evo.png
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