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WIP: almost done pieces

Hello everyone

I hope that you are fine. To those who live in the northern hemisphere and experience extreme heat, I wish all the courage. Where I'm writing this, temperatures are approaching 40 degrees celcius, which makes riding sessions difficult... However, we don't give up and we work on new creations. What do you think of those almost done liveries ?

As you know, the Workshop section allows you to follow all the new contents to be published. You can find it all here Stay tuned folks, a new event will take place very soon on the last week of August. The WD Track Day, second edition, will be the perfect place to meet each other and have good time driving together. Exclusively for contibutors, customers, parnters and sponsored drivers, so... you know what to do if interested :-D

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Ruben Chavez Åsheim
Ruben Chavez Åsheim
04. Aug. 2022

A great many new faces here. Another lexus livery is always so good to see. The Manta BMW makes my heart thump, just like all the manta liveries does and I cant wait to see the car in the gallery.

Gefällt mir
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