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Designs of the moment: april '24

Springtime... Black style ! It could sound like a paradox, which is fine on my end. But black shades don't have to clash with spring, if it's worn properly! This month I'm bringing you a brand new, neoclassic, fresh and colourful livery based on 90's Benetton theme. To go with it, we're going with a squadron of cars whose liveries are based on black paint - a combo of blacks, in some cases, to be more precise.

The BlackSmith livery is an assembly of red and white facings on a base combining matte black and glossy black, while the Repsol livery is a composition using the warm colours of the Spanish oil company on a matte black background. ZuffenHausen, a totally exclusive Porsche livery released for the very first time, is a black/metallic grey combo with 'cold' red and yellow facings.

Finally, LM Performance Aston Martin is the WD livery par excellence, in the colours of our website with dense sponsoring and grello piping on a black combo.See you on the track, until we meet again in may for a new selection.Thanks, again, to all my supports. Enjoy this pack as much as you enjoy those summer days !

Remember you can get those designs by supporting WD directly, sending an email with a proof of your donation. The other solution is to support us directly on Patreon, which allows supporters to download packs directly.

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