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ACC's BOP: kick some asses with any car

We're all familiar with that feeling: getting the best out of your favourite car, the one you've spent countless hours training to master... Then it all comes crashing down with a major update. Our beloved stallion now finds himself downgraded to the rank of gentle pony, and we have to start all over again to find the means to defend himself on the track.

Very recently, the LFM league - which needs no introduction with its almost one hundred thousand drivers - decided to apply the BOP (balance of performance) to its rules with the sole aim of perfectly equalising the chances between all the cars available in ACC. On paper, this is a noble approach, but what does it mean in practice?

Robin Tate, leader of the Bongo Racing community and newly-appointed Aston Martin clerk of the course, provides the answer. He, who recently became our partner, acts as WD's field reporter... And it seems to be working wonders for him. Take a look here!

Now that it seems established that all cars have their chances, all that's left for you to do is return to your first love and take the plunge. Remember that a WD livery with your name on it is half a second faster than your best time. Minimum. Will there be anyone here to confirm this?

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