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Did you know that??

WD has created dozens of fictional teams with full visual identity, including the logo. Let's face it, some of them are strongly inspired by real-life liveries, already seen on race cars throughout the last 40 years. However, all of them are developed with the desire to create a realistic, coherent and visually "solid" concept.

Concepts that hold up.

The teams section is the place to look for customization ideas for you, dear friends and supporters, but it's also the place to see what cars we have available for your favorite liveries.

Are you aware that the RT Smoke House, Krystaal Racing and LM Performance liveries are currently available on seven different cars?

As you can see, RTSH has an anniversary livery for Bentley with gold finish instead of the classic yellow. Some of you who support WD since long enough has probably got this one, included to the design of the moment a few months ago.

To support us, see what is included to this month's selection and get special content like this golden skin, check the Designs of the Moment.

Teams section has been updated today with updated visuals for McEntire, plus two fresh teams called L2 Racing Team and X-Spirit RT

To check the full section, see the link below:

As modders, we are happy to let you get, right now and for free, the following skins: RTSH Pennzoil Bentley '18 plus V8 Vantage GT3 skins, Krystaal Petronas McLaren 720S skin, and LM Performance Monster Porsche 911 II GT3R skin.

Just download and extract this archive in your folder documents/assetto corsa competizione. When done, just load your game, enjoy and if you have a few minuts, go back here and let us know what you think in the comments ^^

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1 Comment

Steven C
Steven C
Jun 14, 2022

Get those awesome skins out there. Once they see your work they’ll be hooked.

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