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Designs of the moment: september '23

Hello or good evening everyone, newcomers or old members, first-time supporters or lost visitors... Sim racing enthusiast and/or professional driver... Whether you're a sim racing fan or a professional racer, this selection of skins is for you. Here we are at the end of summer, for us northern hemisphere folks - or at the dawn of hot weather for you in the southern hemisphere.

This month, two brand-new visual identities make their appearance in the WD collection as design stars of the moment: the Crimson Sport livery for McLaren 720S Evo and 109's for Porsche 992R.

Alongside them, another piece fresh from our workshops: the Mythos Lamborghini livery for the latest Huracan Evo 2 model.

Last but not least, we find some classics with the Krystaal Petronas livery for Audi, requested by several of our Patreon supporters, as well as the RT Smoke House Pennzoil livery for M4 GT3, not seen in the selections since June 2022.

For newcomers, we remind you that these skins are offered for any donation of at least 5 euros in support of WD. You can do so via our Patreon page, with its advantages of early access and immediate download, or make a request by email - all the details are here! NOTE: Designs of September will be available on september 1st on Patreon and on september 4th for other subscribers.

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