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WD Track Day, April '24: last chance to join the invitational

Maybe some of you have missed the info...

Tonight is a great night, a big invitational for WD customers & supports. Pro drivers from Queens' Design Racing will be there, as well as our partner Robin Tate from Bongo Racing. He will co host the event with me, playing his legendary "Bongo Roulette" to add a touch of fun.

No matter how fast you are, there is a place for you tonight as long as you enter the event with a WD livery. In case you join at the very latest minute, even if you did not let me know which of the WD ones you intend to select, you will still be able to run one of the Patreons' April designs or one of the Bongo Racing gen1 & gen2 Liveries, if you are a Bongo member.

Don't wait anymore, contact me on Discord ton let me know that you will be with us tonight. 30 alors available, not so much places left at this time... Hurry up 😉😉😉

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