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WD Track Days: sharing emotion

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Still hesitating about stepping in? WD's community is much better than just signing up on a random showroom. Get your exclusive designs, and get faster with them for sporting your own design gives you wings. Does any one disagree with that ?

This trailer has been made with footage from Track Day #2 at Catalunya. WD's original designs only, from exclusive liveries from our monthly renewed selection to unique skins made for clients.

Thanks to all the drivers and special thanks to my friend Roger Leopardi for his vocal perfomance at the end of the movie. So classy Rog' !!

Interested in joining such an event? don't hesitate any longer: by becoming one of our contributors or a customer, you will automatically be invited to the next edition of WD Track Days, scheduled for the beginning of November '22 - and it will most certainly be the last event for this year, so hurry up!

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