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Summer is here with its selection of exclusive WD skins

Tradition is tradition. Every summer, we release a big pack covering both months instead of a monthly one. This one is fulfilled with fresh designs, including GT4 ones as this class becomes more and more popular among communities. Are those multiclass races not exciting? Find in this pack some of the most popular original WD liveries, like an old school non Petronas Krystaal Racing one, a classic M Rald SW Porsche, a Rickenfeld Racing for the sexy 296 and - probably the icing on the cake for most of you - the McEntire Motors livery for the brand new Mustang. Enjoy your summer, enjoy your driving, and of course enjoy those liveries. Remember you can download them for free immediately if you subscribe to our Patreon. Thanks to all our contributors, you are awesome! See you in september for the first fall selection of this crazy year.

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