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Introducing Solaris Racing Team

Hey guys and girls,

Shiny style, isn't it? Today we are very proud to introduce the fresh amateur eracing team SRT, aka Solaris Racing Team.

We have been working hard on this visual identity, not really starting from scratch - given the basis of the livery is the Blue Spirit Porsche racing livery. In fact, the original SRT design is a custom Blue Spirit style indeed, replacing black with yellow and blue with light green, which leads as a consequence to a kind of "grello" style with matte black facings replacing the original gold metallic.

As you can see, WD '22 logo has been selected a main sponsor, replacing original logo Rays Engineering. We are proud of the final rendering of these 4 liveries, as well as the logos.

For the first time, you can enjoy a slideshow with music *thanks to Larry Orange on chorus guitar*. All photos are from the team's inaugural session, held on Thursday, July 20.

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1 Comment

Ruben Chavez Åsheim
Ruben Chavez Åsheim
Aug 04, 2022

A beautiful set of liveries, congratulations to SRT. I have to applause the color selections, it's hardly ever seen and is sure to make them stand out (as if a WD would not already do that plentiful). Loved the slideshow

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