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Introducing: Jim Cook Racing

Until a few days ago, team JCR aka Jim Cook Racing was sporting a custom livery looking very close to Red Bull F1. This skin was actually a custom version of McEntire motors, with major changes in terms of shades: metallic ruby red into flat navy blue, white stripes into glossy pinky red, white accents into hot redbull yellow - according to official RB F1 rvb codes.

Main and secondary sponsors had been changed in order to fit with the F1 team. Oracle, Red Bull, Tag, Citrix, BYBT, Esso...

You can clearly see this car on this movie.

Last saturnay, december 17th JCR has been delivered its first full branding, not inspired with a famous real-life team but original, exclusive and designed from scratch.

When team's founder and leader Roger Leopardi asked me, a few weeks ago: "Laurent would it be possible to start from scratch, creating a livery which doesn't look like any existing livery? I want it clean but racy, really looking like a REAL one. Classic but modern. But classic"

"Ok Roger, yes to all. Summarize what you can summarize of your vision, and don't forget to send me a package with the logos of your partners and sponsors."

"Chalk basis, Porsche genuine paint. Stripes euro style. Accents. A pattern on the stripes to modernize the overall rendering. Sponsors yes but no happy-stickers style. And my beloved #56 somewhere, maybe in a retro style"

Here we are, after a week of restless work and several brainstormings on Discord 😁

As usual when we deliver a unique livery, especially with different sub versions or conversions of it, we deliver presentation boards. Here is one of them, as a conclusion.

Thank you to Roger and JCR for trusting WD, it is a privilege to work with you.

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