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Genesis of a new racing team

As designers, we love to create visual identities from scratch.

X-Spirit Racing Team is a new fictionnal team with colors we love here: a medium non-neon yellow shade on a brilliant black and a metallic silver basis.

This team cultivates mystery around its strategic approach. If the opponent is asking: what is the spirit of the next race? then the answer is: X. Impossible to predict. This desire to be strategically unreadable had to be reflected in the team's visuals, in the broadest sense as well as in the detail, and yet without losing the visual legibility that is essential to the authenticity of a race livery.

This is the one and only car on the team. Maybe one of you guys will want his own version of this livery for another car? Feel free to comment and tell us which car you think could be enhanced by an adaptation of this livery ;-)

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2 commentaires

Steven C
Steven C
30 avr. 2022

That is a bad ass livery… much respect on your creativity!!!

En réponse à

Yeah!!! What a pleasure to read such a comment 😁😁😁

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