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Five fresh designs in a summer pack

Hey guys and girls, here is our "DOTM" selection of liveries for this summer.

We are so happy to release five fresh new skins, most of them selected from June's workshop. If you still hesitate to become one of our supporters, let me ask you a simple question: aren't you interested in meeting three incredible pro simracers this weekend? Racing with them and sharing emotions on the track, and of course talking on Discord?

Our customers & summer donators (Patreon & Paypal) are officially invited to the very first "WD Track Day" with our partner Queen's Design Racing, including Aenore Rose, team's founder and driver, to enjoy the official release of that summer pack next Sunday, 20:00 CET

As a supporter or customer, we would be happy to celebrate your presence that night. If you still don't have joined our Discord, let us know that in the comments and we will send you an invitation.

See you very soon!

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