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Designs of the moment: june '24

Updated: Jul 5

Today's article is half based on what was released in june, half based on what will come in july/august. Indeed, we released in june a set of expected liveries that can be looked at here. Well, if you click on this link in fall '24 you will see september's skins, of course, as we keep things up to date as much as possible.

This month, the big star is that double-taste Lamborghini skin, evoking the old BAR F1 late 90s livery. The second knife is the highly expected Kawasaki Green BMW GT4 livery, to go with that colorful AMR IC Racing skin, back in the selection under the form of an optimized version. Very first release for the Bloody Mary Nissan skin for the GTR, which seems to be back at the top of the rankings on LFM series. Always good to know that you can switch to a different car, this one being dressed in a very mean way.

For July & August, this year it will be one of those regular "big ones" with a new Mustang expected, as well as a new Ferrari skin, to be accompanied with a big amount of GT4 ones, this class being currently gaining popularity due to the release of the incredible green hell. Don't waste any time and go try those baby monsters on the Hell if you don't know yet how they feel, it's amazing !!!

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