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Designs of the moment: september '22

Hello there, here we are, summer is almost over and it's time to go to work. As temperature seems to lower quietly, we all get back to our rigs for practicing & more. What about getting new skins for our favorite cars ? Most of you really love both McEntire and Porsche. Maybe you will be glad to take a look at this month' selection...

Ones who like the Imperial GTR will also be glad to take a ride with it. The third fresh content this month is the Blue Spirit design for Lexus... It is the perfect time to drive back this so funny and incredible car :-) To become contributor and get the designs for free, check that section !

If you intend to get the designs ASAP, the early access with immediate DL is on Patreon. Check it here, confirm your donation and get the content !

Thanks to all of you my supporters, I can't wait for meeting you back at the WD Track Day #2. To be officially announced very very soon :-) :-) :-)

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