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Designs of the moment: october '22

Here they are, now available for Patreon supporters thanks to the early access. Two days to wait for regular supporters, but they can claim the skins now if they intend to get them as soon as they are available.

Some of you may be happier than others, I know that there are Porschemen among you supporters. The M Rald livery is highly expected as long as it has not been shared with you since more than a year. The very fresh Mythos GTR skin has been visible on the track a few weeks ago during the Barcelona's Track Day session and both Kawasaki Racing M4 GT3 & L-Square Racing R8 Evo II have almost never been seen on the track officially.

You will be the very first ones to see the sun reflecting on those paints. Be happy to be one of our supporters, as I am to celebrate your presence here among us :-)

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2 comentarios

Steven C
Steven C
08 nov 2022

Hey Whalenap. How are things? Could you please resend the October skins to me again, this time at Thanks… keep up the amazing work!!!

Me gusta
Contestando a

Hey Steven! Very good, thanks. When do we meet on Discord? You should come and drive with us!!!

Me gusta
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