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Designs of the moment: March '22

Hey friends & supporters,

To be released very very soon: the monthly selection.

As the older members know very well, the selection of the "designs of the moment" is a great moment for us, with the release of some exclusive skins. The new members, on the other hand, watch for the content of the selection, hoping that among the shared deliveries, there will be the one they have been hoping to get for, sometimes, several months.

This month I thought about those of you who have been supporting me the longest: besides the return of the Krystaal Petronas livery for the Nissan GTR - shared in May 2021 only - we are celebrating the release of three completely new liveries. Get the RDR Vaporesso livery for the Huracan, the brand new BBR MSi for the M4 GT3 and the 2022 Kawa Racing livery for the Audi R8 GT3 evo.

I remind new members that getting these skins is very easy: join the ranks of contributors via paypal or patreon and these five skins are yours! The minimum donation is set at 5.00 euros ! Thanks in advance to those who will choose to support. And remember... All this makes sense because in simracing, the pleasure is multiplied tenfold when you drive a car dressed like a real one :-)

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