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Designs of the moment: January 2023

We hope that everyone here had a good time with friends and family, celebrating this happy new year. Here we are for a new colorful season and a new selection this month. Three never-released-before design will add to your collection, dear supporter: this white & black Adidas livery for Porsche, this blue R8 reminding the late 90s and this red & flat black mean GTR. For new supporters, every skin in this selection is fresh - hopefully - the Rickenfeld Aston Martin and Mythril BMW having not been part of the monthly selection since a whole year. Those skins will be available on January 1st at at 12:00 CET

If you don't want to proceed with Patreon, you can get that selection by supporting us with paypal since january 4th. Just claim it by email after ordering the payment with paypal. See details here

This year we have real good news since Low Fuel Motorsports now allows premium members to officially sport - and see in game - custom paintings. Do you imagine LFM races with custom liveries visible ? Amazing !!!!

Once again, let me thank you for supporting and sporting WD stuff. Really thanks. And before we leave, may 2023 be full of joy, happiness, epic races and beautiful liveries ^^

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