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Designs of the moment : december

It is by wishing you a merry Christmas in advance that we present this month the designs of the moment for the month of December.

As usual, contributors of the month will be able to obtain them as a gift. This month, the pack is big and packed, with five totally exclusive skins. Not even one from the RaceDep collection...

The LM Perf liveries for the AMG Evo and Rickenfeld for the V8 Vantage are making a comeback, while those of you who have fallen in love with the M4 will finally be able to dress up an original skin. The old model 911 gets a completely new alternative livery, and the 720S will be decked out in black from head to toe with the BlackSmith livery that some of you have been eagerly awaiting.

The dedicated gallery remains available here to see how the look in game :-)

Let me know in the comments about the skins you expect for 2022 !

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