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Designs of the moment: 2022

Hello everybody, and happy new year once again. Here we are today we the first '22 selection.

Most of you seem to have their eye catched by the Mythril Racing livery for BMW M4: let them be glad to download that skin, among other excusivities like the LM Performance Monster Energy skin for the Audi R8.

Enjoy the comeback of the Piratella Martini skin for 720S, and the latest update of the RTSH smokey livery for 911 II GT3R. Of course, thanks to your enthusiast comments, I selected the Blue Spirit livery for R8.

Remember to send me a short mail to claim the designs when your donation is done, and get the delay shortened to be delivered the skins ;-)

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Steven C
Steven C

Amazing selection this month… but it’s amazing every month!!!

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