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Celebrating new sponsoring contract

Today is a great day for us! Dear friends, customers & supporters, we are very proud to introduce you Queens' Design, the professionnal team we chose to support for this season. All over the next year, you will be able to follow their performance in most of the major leagues on both ACC and rFactor events.

"Whether it's for their talent, their friendliness, or more generally the strength of the Queens' Design concept, this is the team we want to support. To see the Whalenap Designs name associated with their athletic drive for the upcoming season is a great source of pride."

Laurent Marill, livery designer and founder of Whalenap Designs

"Signing our first corporate sponsor is a huge milestone for the team, and I'm very happy that we get to do that with someone who has been a supporter of Queens' Design and its ideals since day one."

Aenore Rose, pro driver and founder of Queens' Design

Queens' Design website is available here

You can also follow them on twich, every event being broadcasted here

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Steven C
Steven C
Jun 16, 2022

You deserve the recognition, keep up the amazing work.

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