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Can't wait for next wednesday !!!

Next wednesday, Kunos Simulazioni releases a new DLC for our beloved ACC. New challengers with this pack, new cars and a track... We all will certainly rush it and test all this stuff. When we find our favorite car, will the next step be to dress it as it deserves ? Sure !

Whether you're looking for the new Huracan ST, Audi R8 GT3 Evo II, the all-new Porsche 997 or the latest 488 Challenge, you'll be able to pick and choose from Whalenap Designs skins and request a conversion to your favorite livery.

The release of the M4 GT3 last fall was met with a lot of excitement, resulting in longer delivery times. So, I strongly recommend you not to wait too long to avoid having to buy a new car. wait even longer!

I'm looking forward to hearing your impressions of this new content, and to getting to work on your livery :-)

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