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Support us!

Whalenap Designs offers professional-level services that come at a certain cost, but remains driven by the passion for design, racing and video games. As such, we want to remain modders and share the generic part of our production for free.

However, we also want to make a gesture to those who believe in us and choose to honor Whalenap Designs with their support through a donation. By contributing to the extent of your means, from 5 euros via Paypal, we will have the great pleasure to offer you access to the skins of the current month.


If you wish to join the community of our supporters ? 

This button below allows you to directly access Patreon:

If you prefer a direct paypal link instead of Patreon ? 

No problem you can proceed directly with paypal with this button:

IMPORTANT: if you choose not to proceed with Patreon, you will absolutely have to email us to claim the Designs of the Moment, as they are not directly downloadable with this method.

Supporters are an important part of what makes Whalenap Designs live, so once again : thousands of thanks for this donation !

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