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Behind that name... Whalewhat?

Whalenap Designs: history of the concept

Whalenap Designs is a graphic design company whose origins date back to the mid-1990s.


The concept was born from the combination of several passions of a young boy keen on video games, motor racing, drawing and art in general. Lead manager of that project, Laurent "Whalenap" Marill is one of those pioneering geeks who grew up surrounded by consoles and computers at a time when gaming did not yet have a name. In 1995, he was already modding racing games, making paintings for Nascar and Indycar Racing - some of which were published by the magazine Joystick.


Then he set about modifying Geoff Grammond's Grand Prix series between 97 and 2000, and after a break of a few years with racing liveries, he resumed its rage: this time on Forza Motorsport 1, 2, 3 and 4, one of the first licenses to paint cars on a console. Then there was Gran Turismo Sports, where he published under the ID LarryOrange a lot of community acclaimed content. During these twenty years, we have created a whole universe around motorsport, with original racing teams that you can discover here.


We live in an age when video games are only gaining in popularity. At the very heart of recreational video entertainment, Sim Racing, which is also increasingly open to the public, is distinguished by a public passionate about the game as well as the world of motor racing.


Whalenap Designs takes the bet that tomorrow each virtual driver will drive a personalized car. Some will opt for a visual reminiscent of a legendary style, present or past ... Some will want a modern aggressive appearance, or sober and distinguished, or even original and asymmetrical ... Whalenap Designs creates complete identities for your virtual cars, always in a very "racing" spirit with the aim of offering visuals that could be encountered in real-life motorsports. Our achievements can be looket at by clicking here.



Visit our main gallery in less than two minuts:

Ranging from prêt-à-porter to unique creations, Whalenap Designs offers solutions for all budgets. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. In case you do not want to spend money for skins, you have a free collection here !



Consult the list of our services to see the details of our offers:

We have dozens of paintjobs you may want to look at. If you already know us, you may be interested in our latest content. Finished content & work in progress here

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