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Ready to go on that race track

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

"I'm gonna get you primed painted and weighed, you're gonna be ready to go out on that race track, you hear me? You gonna be perfect."

Harry Hogge, engineer & pit crew chief - in Days of Thunder, 1990

I was ten years old when this movie hit me hard, and this scene - from which I've taken the quote above - left a lasting impression on me. Harry Hogge, chief engineer, is preparing the car of a young ambitious driver. This very down-to-earth man and, at the same time, mystical, he talks to the car. The moment of painting is evoked, and these words speak to me so much... When I paint your cars, guys, it's part of the ritual to victory. Because when our car has a good livery that you like, the profit is in tenths. Maybe more.

These last few months have been great for WD, with so much demand that we had to extend the delivery time... I know how you are - how we are, I should say: like kids on Christmas morning, waiting to receive our custom skin. To all the little boys and girls out there, I say to you: even though I'm delighted that WD is in such high demand, I'm a little sorry to have to extend your wait. Those of you who know me well know that I will never compromise on quality, even to meet deadlines. Quality first.

I wish you a good end of the month, I go back to work for you guys. Patreon friends, you'll get your two absolutely unedited deliveries, despite the rush! What about a small gallery with fresh liveries to make your mouth water?

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