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Designs of the moment: May '23

No teasing this month, because our activity kept us away from certain things, given we had lots of work to be there at T time!

Here are the designs of the moment for this month, officially released on our Patreon page today. Some things don't change here at WD, and one of those things is that our Patreon subscribers gain access to a selection of five exclusive skins each month. Here is the selection for May '23. We could not offer a selection which did not have included skins for at least two of those brand new cars recently added in ACC. So let me introduce you McEntire Porsche and Farina Competizione Ferrari, back for your pleasure on the brand new cars. We are so excited here at WD with those new cars and the latest game update. This new physics feels so awesome!

To see those cars under different angles, feel free to visit our workshop

Also learn more about becoming one of our supporters, which is pretty simple. Oh and before we leave: becoming a supporter also allows you to join our family on Discord.

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