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Designs of the moment: january 2022

Happy New Year everyone. It is time to talk about the designs of the month, don't you think ?

To be honest, I have an expectation about our community for this new year and it is one word: interaction. I want more discussion between you and I, and I dream of more interaction between you all. We are all in the same passion of sim racing and nice racing liveries, so why not talking of that here ? On my side, I will try to find a new solution to let you chat easierly. On your side, why not starting by a little comment ? If you don't know what to say, just answer this question: which one of thoses three schemes is your favorite at first sight ? The most popular will be in the selection of january, to be released before the 10th.

One more question: since the end of november, I have been publishing several skins for the new M4. Let me know in the comments which one of thoses liveries is your favorite at first sight and I will me glad to include it to the first selection of 2022.

Have good month, see you soon friends, for new content!

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