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Custom skins: easier choice!

In France, we have a saying: too much choice kills the choice. And our appetite for good food confirms it every time a restaurant offers us a 76-page menu!

At WD we have thought of you, simracer who wants to combine performance and style. For performance, you've chosen to stick with a car model you intend to master thoroughly. And for our part, we want to offer you the style... So let's save time, the brand new manufacturers' gallery will allow you to have a look, in two clicks maximum, at all the liveries we have developed for your favorite car model.

By clicking on the manufacturer's emblem, a presentation of the profile skins will allow you to click on the livery that catches your eye. Then the team's page will open, allowing you to see the livery from several angles via a gallery that also presents the other models entered by the team in question.

For the information of visitors and new members, our customization service consists in producing for you a personalized version of any WD livery, with the following possibilities: change of color(s), change/removal of main and secondary sponsor - possibly replaced by your personal team logo, to be provided - and of course, integration of your driver name(s) and national team flag.

Feel free to contact us to talk about your project, we will be very happy to meet you !

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